What is multiscale modeling?

Thanks to fellow multi-scale modeler and Forbes contributor Bruce Y Lee (JHU) for this piece where he describes various efforts to study and tackle health challenges like cancer and obesity through multi scale modeling

10 years of IMO

Last summer we celebrated 10 years of Integrated Mathematical Oncology at the Moffitt Cancer Center. I thought I would use this milestone to take some time to relate how extraordinary this place is.

Big bang vs clonal sweep

The big bang theory of cancer suggests that for many cancers, being early is more important than having fitness-conferring mutations. While the data suggests that this is true in many cases, the reason why some cancers can be characterized as big bang whereas others fit the clonal-sweep paradigm better is not clear. Jack Edwards, a SPARK student, has spent some time thinking about it.

Bone metastasis code on Github

We aim to be as open as possible but often the perfect is the enemy of the good. It’s been over 4 years but we decided to wait no more so here is the code that was the basis of our work for our 2014 Cancer Research paper (as well as subsequent publications in Nature Scientific Reports in 2016 and the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology this year)