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Neither Gatenby nor Gillies are mathematicians (the first is a physician whereas the second is a biologist) but both have worked before on some rather interesting models of carcinogenesis. In this paper they again introduced one of their models, constructed around a differential equation with a Lotka-Volterra term, in order to study how the microenvironment contributes to select phenotypical traits (conferred by genetic mutations).

The Transforming Growth Factor Beta (or just TGFβ) are a family of proteins that control cell proliferation and differentiation. I hope that my friends at Vanderbilt will correct me if they don’t agree with the statement that an imbalance in TGFβ production and consumption could lead to uncontrolled growth and potentially to the beginning of a tumour.

Researchers at the University of North Dakota have found that caffeine can act as a blood flood barrier and thus protect the brain from some of the harmful elements that are present in the bloodstream

Bad news for those of us that believe that a pint (some might say that a pint is only a promising start) after a long day’s work is only a nice way to chill out and recharge batteries for the next day (of more hard work?).

Last week was a good week for German science. One of the two physics laureates and the only laureate in Chemistry are Germans who have developed their ideas in German universities and research institutes.

I have not posted anything in this blog for quite some time. Attending workshops (I had one in Dresden today) and visiting collaborators (I am off to Lyon tomorrow) leaves precious little time for blogging. Which is not to say that nothing is happening, quite the opposite.