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Neither Gatenby nor Gillies are mathematicians (the first is a physician whereas the second is a biologist) but both have worked before on some rather interesting models of carcinogenesis. In this paper they again introduced one of their models, constructed around a differential equation with a Lotka-Volterra term, in order to study how the microenvironment contributes to select phenotypical traits (conferred by genetic mutations).

I am discussing with some people in Dundee and Vanderbilt about how to study cancer progression in terms of evolution of cooperation (as hinted by Axelrod et al.). One of the leading researchers in the field of biomathematics and game theory is Harvard’s Martin Nowak, In this paper he discusses five potential mechanisms of cooperation that could appear through Darwinian evolution.

The bus from Oxford to London leaves me with some time to read papers and in this occasion I took with me Modeling cancer biology. This paper reviews the work done by several groups of researchers in the field of mathematical modelling of cancer. It is a quite gentle and useful introduction to the field, the challenges (if I am allowed to used that so often abused word) and the state of the art. It comes in the Spring issue of Biomedical Computation Review and has been written by Kristin Cobb.