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Tonight one of the channels was offering Ransom, the Hollywood movie with Mel Gibson and Rene Russo in which the son of a millionaire is kidnapped for a ransom (2 million dollars). If you had to think of it in terms of game theory, then the payoff table could be something like this...

I am discussing with some people in Dundee and Vanderbilt about how to study cancer progression in terms of evolution of cooperation (as hinted by Axelrod et al.). One of the leading researchers in the field of biomathematics and game theory is Harvard’s Martin Nowak, In this paper he discusses five potential mechanisms of cooperation that could appear through Darwinian evolution.

I am always playing catch up with my issues of Nature and Science and this is no exception. One of the main frustrations of game theoreticians in sociology is that humans do not behave like rational players. Ironically enough that does not seem to be a problem for those of us that use game theory in biology. In nature individuals of a species seek to maximise their benefit (otherwise they become extinct).

If you had come to this blog because you typed “game theory blog” in google then this article will not come as a shock but for those of you who would expect to see something about either evolution or cancer or (preferably) both then this is not the usual post.