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What do driver mutations do

Great talk today by Angelika Amon on aneuploudy and very interesting ideas about its potential impact on chromosomal instability and treatment resistance. Do we need to start looking at mutations differently?

The cost of intelligence

Intelligence is one of these fuzzy concepts that are so difficult to define formally. We all have some intuitive idea of what it is to be intelligent and in most cases involves some capability to solve new problems and learn from past experiences. So, it is intelligence something unavoidable in evolutionary terms?

I do follow some scienceblogs out there. The New York Times hosts one from Olivia Judson called The Wild Side about evolutionary biology. The blog is very well written, which is not surprise coming from a professional writer (and research fellow at Imperial College London). The entry a few days ago was about the role of mistakes in evolution. The mistakes she was writing about are the mutations that occur duplicating the genetic material during cell division.

I have not posted anything in this blog for quite some time. Attending workshops (I had one in Dresden today) and visiting collaborators (I am off to Lyon tomorrow) leaves precious little time for blogging. Which is not to say that nothing is happening, quite the opposite.

Public debate on complexity and evolution

I left Oxford just before the start of the GECCO conference in London in early July. GECCO is the biggest international conference on the subject of artificial evolution and although most of the sessions and talks are about the use of evolutionary algorithms to solve all sorts of problems in engineering, many of the participants are genuinely interested in evolution per se.

I use iTunes to subscribe to a number of audio and video podcast from several sources (including Nature and Science) like the New York Times. This time the NYT podcast comes from the Science section and the topic could not be much more exciting: Evo Devo (Evolution + Development). The video podcast can be downloaded with iTunes but I also found the website to watch it online