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The cost of intelligence

Intelligence is one of these fuzzy concepts that are so difficult to define formally. We all have some intuitive idea of what it is to be intelligent and in most cases involves some capability to solve new problems and learn from past experiences. So, it is intelligence something unavoidable in evolutionary terms?

It has been a while since I last posted anything here. Part of the reason is that since I arrived to Dundee i haven’t had access to my print issues of Science and haven’t had the time to read Nature and other journals online. Still, this morning I was browsing an issue of the Economist in which they mention this article in this week’s edition of Science.

I am always playing catch up with my issues of Nature and Science and this is no exception. One of the main frustrations of game theoreticians in sociology is that humans do not behave like rational players. Ironically enough that does not seem to be a problem for those of us that use game theory in biology. In nature individuals of a species seek to maximise their benefit (otherwise they become extinct).