CancerEvo is a research group led by David Basanta

We are mathematical modellers who work with biologists and clinicians

We try to understand

  • the ecology of tumors

  • the evolutionary dynamics of cancer progression

  • resistance to treatment

Based at the Moffitt Cancer Center, Florida

Modelling aneuploidy in colorectal cancer

Image Last week we were fortunate to have Albert Rubben, an oncologist from RTWH Aachen in Germany. Dr Rubben is mainly a clinician but is knowledgeable about the biology of cancer and very keen on the use of mathematical and computational models to understand how tumours evolve. He gave a great talk about tumour heterogeneity in early and late stages of melanoma (his specialty as an oncologist) and you can have a sense of it if you check my twitter posts for Thursday last week.

But the picture at the top of this post is what shows what he really came to Tampa for. When he found that CancerEvo's Arturo Araujo was the leading author behind a computational model of aneuploidy he inmediately contacted him to see if they both could work on a new one that could study that in the context of a specific cancer: colo-rectal cancer. I am certainly looking forward to see what they find!

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